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Refunds & Returns

Please read carefully, we have a very strict refund and return policy, simply because of the nature of the consumable merchandise and its contents.

All the following Conditions and Criteria must be met in order to return your candle and receive a refund:

Last Updated February 2, 2017.

Merchandise is only eligible for return if;

- The wick has not been burned, broken, or altered for any reason.

- We are contacted within 2 days upon the merchandise being received.

- It’s returned in the exact same packaging in which it was received.

- It’s in its new and original condition and, unblemished, (ie. no scratches, dents, broken or chipped glass, etc.,).

- All merchandise labeling on the bottom, sides and top of the candle is intact and not damaged, altered or tampered with.

- You include, in your return, all the additional merchandise that came with your order as a promotion, such as any free gifts if they were offered at the time of your purchase.

- Wick, candle wax, and "Gift-Pod" are intact and have not been tampered with or altered in anyway.

- You obtain a return merchandise authorization number (via email at GuestService @marqueecandles.com), which you must include in your return package. Additionally, you must include your original order number, your name, your address, your phone number and email address, in the return shipment.

Special Notes:  Additional Things You Must Know… Please Read Carefully…

Gift Cards / Certificates are non-refundable once issued and used or redeemed.

Free Annual Shipping, if purchased at checkout, is not refundable once used for any shipment including, the original purchase date purchase, in which you purchased the Free Annual Shipping and benefited from the use of the Free Shipping Service at time of purchase.

All return shipping expenses are paid by the customer and not eligible for refund. We do not accept C.O.D. or Collect Shipments for returns.

Shipping charges you may have paid to receive the Candle are non-refundable. If your return is found to be valid, you will only be refunded the purchase price paid for the merchandise, not your shipping expense, if you paid any. If you paid for any additional item(s) at the time of your order and it’s not in the return package or if it’s in the package but found to not meet the above conditions and criteria, then you will not receive a refund for that item.

All Returns are subject to inspection and verification as to the overall condition of the merchandise and as to the "Gift-Pod" and its contents being intact.

If for any reason our Quality Assurance Staff in our Returns Department finds the candle wax, wick, or "Gift-Pod" has been altered or tampered with in anyway, or if the Gift (Jewelry) has been removed, or if the Gift (Jewelry) is found to not match our records, your return will be invalidated, the merchandise sent back to you, and no refund issued, and your account noted for denial of future orders.

Marquee Candles reserves the right to honor a refund at its own discretion. If the above conditions and criteria are found to be met, and the "Gift-Pod" contents match our records, then we will issue a refund. (all refunds will be in the form matching the method you used to pay with in 7 to 14 days, if it does not show up please contact us.) If any one or more of the above criteria or conditions are not met then we will not issue a refund, and will return the merchandise to you and close your request.

We realize these may seem like tough conditions and criteria, but the truth is, we have to maintain high standards. After all, bringing you a Gift in your Marquee Candle is a wonderful experience but it’s also a valuable investment too, and as a result of this we have to keep to strictest criteria.

Kindest Regards,
The MarqueeCandle.com Team… “Three PreEminent Gifts In One”