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Q: Are your candles soy or paraffin wax?

A: All our Marquee Candles are hand poured with all natural soy wax.

Q: What kind of glass container is the candle poured in?

A: All our Marquee Candles are poured in a high quality stemless wine glass.

Q: Why did you choose a stemless wine glass as your container? 

A: We selected something we thought exuded quality and a "Marquee" appearance. Plus, we wanted you, our valued guest, to have something you can use after your candle has burned down. We didn't want you to use it for cotton balls, Q-tips, or STUFF. We wanted something that we were sure you'd value and find good purpose in after enjoying your candle.

Q: What makes Marquee Candles different from other candles with gifts in them?

A: Marquee Candles are unique for many reasons, but most notably because our soy candles have Genuine Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby or Sapphire Jewelry in them. You won't find any costume jewelry and no other kind of gems in our "Gift-Pod" jewelry.

Q: Are your Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire gems in your jewelry, Genuine Real Gem Stones?

A: Yes... All the Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire gems, in our "Gift-Pod" pieces of jewelry, are all very REAL. They are made by Mother Nature. One of our quality standards is just that, (All Natural from Mother Earth, No Lab Creations).  No customer will ever receive a faux (fake or lab created) gem set into a piece of jewelry, in their Marquee Candle. Only Real Genuine Stones.

Q: How can you afford to put Genuine Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby or Sapphire Jewelry in every Marquee Candle?

A: We are able to do this simply by "Economies of Scale"; as with all things in commerce, when you buy enough of something your costs go down. 

Q: Is this a scam?

A: No, This is not a scam. Marquee Candles are very real... and a Marquee quality item. We have put together an awesome array of fragrances, captured in gorgeous stemless wine glasses, each with a "Gift-Pod" inside containing a very real, genuine, and authentic Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby or Sapphire piece of jewelry that meets our very stringent screening tests and quality standards for what we want to offer you, our valued guests and customers.

Q: What are the values of the jewelry gifts in your Marquee Candle "Gift-Pods"?

A: Every Marquee Candle "Gift-Pod" contains a piece of jewelry that has a guaranteed minimum value of $40. However, it doesn't stop there. The gift values range from $40 to $400 to $4,000 to $8,000.

Q: How do I find out the value of my Jewelry which I received in my Marquee Candle Gift-Pod?

A: Very simple. Every Marquee Candle "Gift Pod" is packaged with a certificate that outlines your jewelry details and its approximate retail value.

Q: The gem in my jewelry is slightly opaque, is this normal or is it defective?

A: Yes and No, Yes.. it can be normal, and No... it's not a defect. The Jewelry industry, as with any industry, spreads its offerings across a wide array of features such as clarity, weight or points, color, size, shape, and demand. All of these factor into the cost of a single piece of jewelry. One piece might be slightly opaque and larger in size, and as a result have a higher value than another piece of jewelry whose clarity is high but its size is small. So, what we've done is set standards for each of these six features and constructed a means to bring you, our valued guest, the best quality we can for every jewelry value level.

Q: What types of jewelry are in your Marquee Candle "Gift Pods"?

A: All our Marquee Candle Gift Pods contain one of the following types of jewelry items; a Ring, a Necklace Pendant or Earrings. You may even discover Charms, Broaches, Lapel Pins or other types if we deem them to be exciting and PreEminent. However, the most popular types you will discover in your "Gift-Pods" are Rings, Necklace Pendants, and Earrings.

Q: Can I return my Marquee Candle?

A: Under strict guidelines you can return your Marquee Candle but it must comply with all the details in our Return Policy.

Q: Do you offer Free Shipping?

A: Yes, except for international orders, we offer each and every guest an opportunity to take advantage of Free Shipping opportunities during checkout with volume orders and/or when special promotions are available. If you take advantage of one of these offers your order will be shipped to you free of charge.

Q: Can I get a special discount for buying Marquee Candles in Bulk or for a Special Occasion?

A: Yes, we do offer special pricing and discounts for Marquee Candles purchased in bulk. Feel free to contact us at GuestService@MarqueeCandles.com with your detailed request detail, scent or scents, quantity of each, your desired delivery date, the full destination shipping address including its zip code, and we will  be happy to work with you.

Q: Do you Ship Internationally or Overseas?

A: Yes, we will ship your order internationally or overseas, currently includes only APO and FPO addresses. Where exceptions are made, special fees and rates may apply to non-APO and non-FPO orders for customs, and shipping rates charged by carriers. However, restrictions do apply. Contact us at GuestService@marqueecandles.com for details or questions. Note: international orders that are non-APO or non-FPO are not eligible to free shipping offers.

Q: Why are all your candles white?

A: After doing our due diligence, we concluded that white candles are easier to coordinate with various forms of home decor, centerpieces, and other decorating arrangements. We feel that white was less obtrusive, visually, when color was a concern in decorating. So, by its nature, it's both pleasing to the eye, elegant, and easy to work with while decorating.

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