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Disclaimers and Notices

      1. Marquee Candles makes the claim that the jewelry contained in each "Gift-Pod" or Gift Package, which is embedded in each Marquee Candle, will have a guaranteed minimum retail value of at least $40 U.S. dollars.
      1. Marquee Candle "Gift-Pods" or Gift Packages will contain jewelry with a retail value of at least $40, and may contain jewelry with a retail value Greater than $40 U.S. dollars, falling within the range of $40 - $400 - $4,000 to $8,000.
      1. All gems found in Marquee Candles, "Gft-Pods", or Gift Packages, are natural gemstones and not lab created or otherwise fashioned by any other means. Marquee Candles, as of the time of this writing does not have a staff gemologist, and relies on the professional and ethical standards of its jewelry suppliers and contractual agreements with said suppliers to provide Marquee Candles with genuine gemstone jewelry as outlined in said contracts under which our supplier is bound to execute.

      1. Marquee Candle makes no claim, express or otherwise, as to each genuine gemstone piece of jewelry being of perfect clarity or highest quality, however we do strive to bring the best quality we can for the individual piece of jewelry’s expenditure / purchase price in order to optimize on the reward to, “You”, our Valued Customer and Guest, so that you are sure to acquire the nicest piece of genuine gemstone jewelry in your Marquee Candle "Gift-Pod" for its retail value range.
      1. Marquee Candles "Gift-Pods" contain only Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire stones in its jewelry, and no other types of stones.
      1. Setting for each genuine gemstone piece of jewelry may vary and may be in, but are not limited to the following materials; Sterling Silver .925, Yellow – White or Rose 10K – 14K or 18K Gold, Sterling Silver plated in Gold, or Sterling Silver plated in Platinum
      1. Marquee Candles makes no claim express or otherwise as to the hypo-allergenic nature of any material used to make your "Gift- Pod" Jewelry, (should you experience a reaction to any metal, in any piece of jewelry you receive in your Marquee Candle "Gift-Pod", discontinue use of that jewelry and confer with your doctor immediately.
      1. The natural gemstones used in the Marquee Candle jewelry you find in your "Gift-Pod" are such that typically you will find that Diamonds are clear, Emeralds are Green, Pearls are White, Rubies are Red, and Sapphires are Blue, however we reserve the right to bring you natural gemstones that are of different colors too; an example of this might be a chocolate diamond, yellow diamond or a blue or a black diamond, or a pink or black or orange or green sapphire, or a lavender pearl or a black pearl, etc., We strive to bring you the highest quality for each piece of jewelry’s items retail value range, but we also want to bring you the largest variety of what’s available and that will include colors as well as a variety in shapes of each genuine stone;  (ie. the cut of the stone; round, oval, marquise, emerald, princess, pear, teardrop, etc.,).
      1. All retail values listed on your "Jewelry Detail Certificate", which accompanies each piece of jewelry found in a Marquee Candle, are Approximate Retail Values. The retail values and prices of natural gemstones change everyday on the open market as do the values and prices of the Silver, Gold and Platinum, which make up the base metals for any given gemstone setting.
      1. First and foremost, it's important to know that the GOLDEN TICKET™ is not a lottery. It's a fantastic feature we've added in order to bring you more fun, intrigue, and excitement to your jewelry reveal process when burning down your fantastic Marquee Candle. Instead of embedding a $400, $4,000 or $8,000 piece of jewelry in your Marquee Candle we embed the GOLDEN TICKET™, and should you discover a GOLDEN TICKET™, you simply follow its instructions to redeem for the jewelry valued on the face of the ticket. Q: Why did we develop the GOLDEN TICKET™? A: We developed the GOLDEN TICKET™ for you so that we can best track the actual delivery of the $400, $4,000 or $8,000 jewelry right to your door with an assigned delivery tracking number and a certified delivery requiring a signature upon deliveryOur Guarantee to you. a. 1 in 50 Marquee Candles contains a GOLDEN TICKET™ for a $400 or higher valued piece of jewelry. Note: 1 in 50 is equivalent to 8 in 400. b. 1 in 4,000 Marquee Candles contains a GOLDEN TICKET™ for a $4,000 or higher valued piece of jewelry. c. 1 in 8,000 Marquee Candles contains a GOLDEN TICKET™ for an $8,000 or higher valued piece of jewelry.

      Notice: By Purchasing a Marquee Candle brand candle you're agreeing that you've read and understand the above listed disclaimers.

      Thank you,
      The MarqueeCandles.com Team... "Three PreEminent Gifts In One" 

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      Date of Notice: 11.22.12

      This is a Public Notice to all Valued Candle Consumers throughout the state of Florida, North Carolina and The United States of America, and it's properties, regions & territories as a whole, you are advised that Marquee Candles, its soy candle product line, its logo, its tagline and its function as a business entity, is in no way associated with any other candle company doing business in the United States, and specifically, this notice is intended to state that, Marquee Candles is not associated with, nor affiliated with ( Any Candle Company in Durham, N.C. ). So, we happily advise you now, as an informed consumer, should you purchase a Marquee Candle from MarqueeCandles.com or Marquee Candles, Inc. you are buying a genuinely -PreEminent & Marquee Quality Brand- of Marquee Candle, NOT A CANDLE MADE BY A CANDLE COMPANY IN DURHAM, N.C.

      We at Marquee Candles want all Valued Candle Consumers to be well informed. We want your candle buying experience to be great no matter what brand you purchase.  So we have provided this notice as a means of bringing you clarity, and as a means of showing you how much the Marquee Candle team cares and respects you. By Purchasing a Marquee Candle brand candle you're agreeing that you've read and understand this public notice.

      Thank You,
      The Marquee Candle Team... "Three PreEminent Gifts In One"

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