Special Orders

Have a Special Occasion or Event
for which you want
Marquee Candles?

"We offer Special Orders with Special Discounts for 10 Candles or More"

Below you'll find some popular Occasions & Events for which we'll happily provide your Marquee Candles.

  • Your Engagement Ring Surprise,
  • Your Anniversary Ring Surprise,
  • Your Promise Ring Surprise,
  • Your True Love Surprise,
  • Your Bachelorette Parties,
  • Your Shower Favors or Gifts,
  • Your Wedding Favors or Gifts,
  • Your Reunions,
  • Your Club(s),
  • Your Birthday Favors or Gifts,
  • and more.

Don't see your Occasion or Event? Just drop us a line at (guestservices@marqueecandles.com) and we'll put together a Marquee Candle package just for you that's sure to be a Surprise...

(delivery time frame for complete orders, typically 4 to 8 weeks, may vary based on your order qty and requested services)

Below are services we're happy to offer as well.

  • Etched glass
  • Specific Stone Selections (ie. Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby or Sapphire Jewelry)

No Special Occasion or Event is too small or too large for a Surprise.

Kindest Regards,

The Marquee Candle Team,

"Three PreEminent Gifts In One"